User Story of Mr. and Mrs. Lee: How they felt relieved from anxiety

First met with Maggie’s Centre

Mr. Lee was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer in 2018. Although he and his wife were able to accept the diagnosis, they were still overwhelmed by anxiety and stress caused by treatments and future uncertainties. When Mr. Lee was in Tuen Mun Hospital for treatment, he received a Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centre leaflet. He then decided to pay a visit to the Centre with Mrs. Lee after the nurse had introduced the cancer support services offered there.  “I saw a light at the end of the tunnel!” Mr. Lee said at that moment. When the couple walked into the Centre, the beautiful and uplifting environment immediately comforted them. Since that day, they enthusiastically have taken part in many workshops, such as Chinese Medicine Talks, Aromatherapy Workshops, support groups, etc.

At the beginning of 2019, the couple joined the Music Therapy Choir. The singing practice has not only enhanced Mr. Lee’s oral motor skills but also helped to reduce his stress, greatly improving his physical and emotional well-being. However, Mr. Lee experienced extreme nausea as a side effect of his cancer treatment, which caused them to quit the choir practice. The Centre’s nurse took the initiative to explain to them the methods of dealing with his side effects. Luckily, Mr. Lee recovered gradually and the couple joined the choir again after about a month. Additionally, peers provided great support to him. They openly shared their experiences, feelings and knowledge about their treatments and conditions, thus giving each other the confidence to overcome their own hurdles.

Facing the Coronavirus outbreak

Many people have changed their social habits due to social distancing policies, both Mr. and Mrs. Lee also spent more time at home.  However, when they spent more time together, they came across more conflict. Lucky for them, they participated in a Support Group for couples and received counseling and encouragement from the clinical psychologist. They learned how to communicate effectively with each other, which helped improve their tense relationship and strengthen their marital intimacy. Now while Mr. Lee always makes delicious food for his wife to show her his love, Mrs. Lee is more tolerant and considerate. They understand joining hands together can help them weather the storm. Recently, Mr. Lee’s cancer relapsed and he needed to start taking cancer treatments again. The couple were worried. Nevertheless, they are able to regain confidence and sense of security as they know that Maggie’s Centre is there to support them and to walk with them through the challenges. 

Message to Maggie’s Centre and peers

“We are pleased to have found Maggie’s Centre, which made this difficult journey much easier. With support from the Centre’s professional team, we have gained a great deal of useful information; and our physical, emotional and psychosocial well-being have been improved. We are also grateful to have made numerous friends at the Centre who always cheer for and support one another. Lastly, we wish everyone to face the challenges in their cancer journey positively, to learn to relax and handle stress.  Keep going!”