Meet the Team – Queenie Poon

1. Tell us more about your role at Maggie’s Centre.

Being a Registered Social Worker at Maggie’s Centre, I am here to provide individual and group counseling to people affected by cancer, and more importantly, connecting our Centre users to access available social resources and ensuring that they receive accurate and up-to-date information. Some examples include, applying different social funding to relieve users’ burden on medical expenses, conducting peer sharing and support to strengthen their perseverance and confidence in facing the illness.

2. What was your first impressions of Maggie’s Centre?

Maggie’s is like a haven. When cancer strikes in like a typhoon, we might be emotionally overwhelmed. Maggie’s serves as a haven for people struggling with cancer, helping them to support each other in getting through difficult times in life. The uplifting environment of Maggie’s brings peace and tranquility to our Centre users, so that they can temporarily forget about their worries and stay focused along their cancer journey.

3. Any unforgettable moment here at Maggie’s Centre?

With the advancement of medical technologies, cancer is no longer a terminal illness. I have been working at Maggie’s for about a month (since July), the first thing that significantly impressed me was the perseverance and determination of the cancer patients. One of our Centre users has already accepted his doctor’s advice to receive palliative treatment, however, he was diagnosed with cancer again and again. He did not give up nor feeling pessimistic to receive any possible treatment option that is available. He once said, ‘Don’t let doctor’s judgement scare you, don’t let your family starve you and don’t isolate yourself at home.’ I truly admire his positive attitude towards life.

4. Any advice you would give to anyone touched by cancer or their families and caregivers?

A common saying goes, “Connection with others is always a good asset”. I would imagine for people who have been diagnosed with any kind of diseases or even cancer, it will be beneficial for them to open up and share their feelings and conditions with their family, friends and people around. Kind sharing will help reduce your worries and anxiety. Your physical and emotional well-being will be enhanced given that your cancer journey is filled with love, support and encouragement from your loved ones.

Family members or caregiver should also share your thoughts and emotions with people around you. Do not let burden and stress drag you down. Alone we can do so little, but together we can do so much. We should all learn to handle our emotions, then we can be empowered to help cancer patients to get through their difficult days.