High-fibre fruit yogurt cup

Ingredient (for two servings)

Half banana
16-20 blueberries
150g of low-fat fruit yogurt
Suitable amount of all-bran

Clear glasses x2
Knife x1
Teaspoons x2


  1. Pour the fruit yogurt into the clear glass
  2. Add all-bran into the yogurt
  3. Mix with banana and blueberries

Tips from dietitian

  1. All-bran is rich in dietary fiber which can stimulate intestinal movement and prevent constipation.
  2. You can add your favourite fruit like strawberry and peach.
  3. Low-fat yogurt contains high calcium that can strengthen our bones. Instead of fruit yogurt, you can also choose original flavour yogurt and add fresh mango.


Special thanks to registered dietitian from United Christian Nethersole Community Health Service for the above recipe.