How You Can Help

One-off / Monthly donation

According to the Hong Kong Cancer Registry, the latest report revealed that there were total 31,468 of new cancer cases diagnosed, and 14,209 deaths recorded. New cancer cases in Hong Kong is also projected to rise by up to 40 per cent by 2030. The Hong Kong Strategy Summary Report 2019 also stressed that cancer took the lives of an average of 35 individuals from their loved ones every day in the past five years. 

Many individuals and their families are facing tough challenges, exhausting treatments and difficult emotions related to cancer. Maggie’s Centre is here to offer timely and individualised support in a sanctuary, just when they need it most. All services are offered free-of-charge. No referral or pre-registration is needed. 


$10,000 pays for a whole family to receive a number of mind, body and spirit workshops, in order to empower them to live with, through and beyond cancer.

$5,000 or $500 pays for ten or one one-off drop-in session(s) to help someone just diagnosed with cancer to get advice and all-rounded support from our Cancer Support Specialist or Registered Social Worker.

$1,000 pays for a whole family or an individual to get professional support from our Clinical Psychologist to manage emotional distress and psychological challenges brought by cancer.

$300 pays for one one-off nutrition consultation session to help cancer patients and their family to get practical dietary and nutrition advice from our Registered Dietitian.


Your regular gift will enable us to sustain the ongoing development of a series of cancer support programmes.

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