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Lung Cancer Awareness Month 2024

Lung cancer is the most common cancer in Hong Kong, with nearly 6,000 new cases each year, making it the leading cause of death. Therefore, we are organising "Lung Cancer Awareness Month" in June and July, aiming to increase public awareness of lung cancer and provide accurate information about treatments, as well as various ‘body-mind-spirit’ support services. Our goal is to help people affected by lung cancer actively improve their quality of life after diagnosis.

All services and activities are free of charge. Welcome to register and participate by contacting us via WhatsApp at 6625 4225.

The activities below are mainly conducted in Cantonese.

Lung Cancer Patient Support Group


Date: May 21 & Jun 18, 2024 (Tue) 

Time: 11:00 am – 12:30 pm

Target Audience: People touched by lung cancer

What is it about?

Through the talks lead by oncology nurses, participants can holistically understand more on cancer, its treatments and implications, related healthcare and nutrition information. They are also able to learn how to maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle during treatment and rehabilitation, through moral support and encouragement of other participants.

  1. Understanding more about cancer and treatments
  2. How to relieve stress
  3. How to deal with anxiety and emotions
  4. Creating a healthy lifestyle
  5. Q&A session
  6. Sharing of experiences and building rapport

Instructors: Oncology specialist nurse

Format: Face-to-face


Doctor’s Seminar: New milestones for lung cancer treatment

Date:Jun 15 (Sat)

Time:10:30 am – 12:00 nn

Target Audience: People touched by cancer

What is it about?

In Hong Kong, lung cancer has the highest incidence rate among malignant tumors. Many patients are diagnosed at an advanced stage due to the lack of early symptoms. This seminar aims to share personalized treatment trends and strategies for lung cancer, providing cancer patients and their families with a deeper understanding. Stay confident and fight against cancer actively.

Instructor: Dr Stanley Yu, Clinical Oncology Specialist

Format: Face-to-face and via Zoom (no questions for Zoom participant)